Cinderella CLASSIC

Cinderella Classic is the top-selling incineration toilet in the world. Distributed from the Scandinavian countries for over 15 years, Classic is installed in over 50,000 households around the world. Now available for the first time in North America, Cinderella Classic is a cleaner, more comfortable and lower maintenance alternative to septic and composting options for cabins, outhouses and homes where traditional plumbing is not an option.

  • Cinderella Classic

    Cinderella Classic is the best-selling incineration toilet on the market today. Adding innovative new features to a proven best-selling foundation, Comfort sets an entirely new standard of safety, simplicity and convenience.

    Sleek Scandinavian Design

    The clean Nordic design of Cinderella Classic fits right into any bathroom design, regardless of style. Built on an acid-resistant stainless steel frame, Comfort’s attractive outer shell is formed from a space-age insulating composite that is both child-safe and easy to clean.

    Safety First

    Classic has been designed from the start with safety as the highest priority. Entirely childproof, it is impossible to access the combustion chamber while the lid is open or incineration is underway, and numerous safeguards exist to ensure safe usage over the long lifetime of the toilet. Cinderella Classic has been thoroughly tested and certified to stringent UL and NSF requirements.

    Easy to Install

    Installing Classic is easy and fast—just like using it. Plus, with a higher capacity than other incinerating toilets, Classic can handle 3 to 4 deposits per hour, plenty for a typical family.

    Clean, Easy & Odorless

    Say goodbye to bark, chemicals and composting. Avoid costly septic systems. Cinderella quickly and safely incinerates all waste to an insignificant amount of ash. Combustion occurs in the background and does not interfere with usage. Combustion gases are cleaned by a catalyst, clean and odorless.

  • Using Cinderella

    1. Lift the toilet lid and seat and place an Original Cinderella Bowl Liner in the bowl.
    2. Lower the seat. The toilet is ready for use.
    3. Use the toilet as you normally do, then close the lid.
    4. Press the Start button. The hatch opens, dropping the bag into the chamber below. The incineration process starts as soon as the hatch is closed
    5. If necessary, your Cinderella is available for another use immediately. Between uses, the incineration process continues in the background until only ash remains.

    How Cinderella Works

  • Specifications

    Weight and Dimensions

    • Seated height: 21-1/4 inches (54 cm)
    • Construction:
      • acid-resistant stainless steel (frame and bowl)
      • heat-suppressant composite (shell)



    • Power Supply: 240 VAC, 10 A
    • Plug Type: NEMA 6-15
    • Usage per Combustion: 0.8 to 1.5 kWh
    • Peak Consumption: 2000 W
    • Battery:
      • Built-in rechargeable battery (12 volt DC)
      • Up to five hours of display and fan operation, if power is lost
      • Recharged from main 240 VAC power supply


    • Deposits per hour: 3-4
    • Total deposits (before emptying): 100


    • Air inlet/outlet diameter: 110mm
    • Built-in fan unit
      Volume: 3000 cubic feet per hour
      Power input: 12 volt DC
      Sound rating : 51 dB

    Environmental Requirements

    • Ambient Temperature Range: -5 to 105 F (-20 to 40 C)
    • Operating Altitude: tested to 8,200 feet (2500m)
  • In The Box

  • Installation of Cinderella Classic

    Installation Configurations:

    Download Installation Guide

    Download Here
  • Frequent Questions

    Q: Does it smell?

    A: When installed and used properly, your Cinderella will operate without unseemly odors. Combustion vapors are processed through a built-in catalyzer which removes excess particles before being released through the exhaust vent.

    Q: Is it safe?

    A: Cinderella makes the safest incineration toilets in the world. Though high temperatures are an unavoidable part of the incineration process, numerous controls exist to ensure that the combustion cycle is controlled, heat is removed quickly and any hot or unsanitary components are inaccessible to users, both children and adults.

    Q: What is the difference between Comfort and Classic?

    A: Similar to all traditional incineration toilets, Cinderella Classic consumes air from inside the toilet room and requires sufficient internal air flow or exterior venting. The most popular incineration toilet in the world, Classic is ideally suited for outhouses and well-ventilated spaces with plentiful air flow.

    Beyond its convenience features, Cinderella took a monumental stride forward when it introduced Comfort with a ground-breaking new innovation: a built-in, exterior air circulation system. By pulling all air required for combustion exclusively from outside of the toilet room, Comfort allows interior room temperatures to remain comfortable throughout use and substantially increases user comfort.

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